NC 529 College Savings Plan – Footsteps

If you dream of a college education for your child but worry about paying for it, relax!

Take the right steps to college savings.

— First, go to — Next, open an NC 529 account and deposit as little as $25. — Then, add to it as you can as your kids grow and that college dream becomes reality.

To get started, give us a call or visit and step on it!


North Carolina’s National College Savings Program (also called “NC 529 Plan”) is a program of the State of North Carolina. The program is maintained by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority as a qualified tuition program under federal tax law, and is administered by College Foundation, Inc.

The NC 529 Plan is open to residents of any state. Account earnings are free from both federal and North Carolina income taxes when used to pay for qualified higher education expenses at virtually any college, anywhere in the country.

Account owners enroll directly, without having to use brokers or financial advisors, and make their own investment choices from a variety of investment options. There are no enrollment fees or sales charges.

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